A technical chart formation used to make market predictions by following the price movements of securities. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. pattern pat‧tern 1 [ˈpætn ǁ ˈpætərn] noun [countable]
1. the regular way in which something happens, changes, or is done:

• The standards are expected to set a pattern for cleaner, more expensive fuels.

pattern of

• a survey on the spending patterns of various nationalities

2. pattern agreement/​settlement/​contract etc HUMAN RESOURCES an agreement etc between a company and a union based on other agreements with similar companies:

• He disputed that the contract was a pattern settlement because it doesn't match contracts at foreign steel plants.

• Some executives are grumbling that pattern bargaining is making competition with Japanese auto makers very difficult.

3. be in a holding pattern ECONOMICS to be in a period of time when very little trading, spending etc is taking place because people are not sure what to do next:

• Investors are in a holding pattern waiting for clear signals about the economy's direction.

  [m0] II. pattern pattern 2 verb [transitive]
be patterned on/​after if one thing is patterned on another, it is very similar to it because it has been copied from it:

• Credit Mobilier of America, a finance company patterned after a French venture

• a model of economic development patterned on Japan's

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pattern UK US /ˈpætən/ noun
[C] a particular way in which something usually happens or is done: a pattern of sth »

A pattern of sluggish consumer demand made growth targets impossibly high.

a pattern emerges »

A pattern is emerging of a steady reduction in costs and increased sales.

establish/fall into/follow a pattern »

The decision follows a pattern that has become increasingly common in the food industry.

identify/reveal/show a pattern »

An examination of official documents shows a pattern of construction cost overruns.

a changing/different/similar pattern »

changing patterns of employment

a consumption/growth/spending pattern »

High joblessness and changing consumption patterns will result in moderate sales.


Organizations must address the needs of workers with diverse career patterns and goals.

[C] a way of doing something that other people, organizations, etc. can copy: set the pattern for sth »

The talks have set the pattern for trying to solve problems within the industry.

a holding pattern — Cf. a holding pattern
pattern UK US /ˈpætən/ adjective [before noun] HR
used to describe an agreement based on similar agreements with other companies: a pattern agreement/contract »

The contract was viewed by bargainers as a pattern agreement to be used in negotiations with the car company.


The traditional pattern bargaining that went on in the auto industry has gone.

pattern UK US /ˈpætən/ verb [T]
be patterned after/on sth — Cf. be patterned on sth

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